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shamma Raghib

Thanks to the betagroup, We can promote the developers community in Belgium. Betagroup helped us organize Rails Girls events, Openhacks and betatech events. Touching the developer community is far easier with the help of Betagroup.

Betagroup connects like minded entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts with the right kind of network. The helpful attitude of BetaGroup and its events that promote startups are very cool!

In a fully connected environnement, BetaGroup act as complete hub for any serious tech entrepreneur in Belgium.
BetaGroup high quality events will supercharge your network effect in no time.

You read the startup’s news and dream of approaching one.  But you can’t find them, you don’t know what they do and don’t know that there are many near you … come join betagroup!

Since 2010 BetaGroup community made me meet hundreds of real startups, passionate evangelists and inspiring serial-entrepreneurs. I am now sharing lessons and spreading values of entrepreneurship myself via dozens of initiatives like Startup Weekend. More than business clubs, circles of peers from BetaGroup bring continuously new collaboration, business, motivation, knowledge, skills, fun & friends. Join us, it’s unique.

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